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We are pleased to announce that has partnered with MRIS to provide their clients with high quality virtual tours. In an effort to make it even easier for our customers to updated their MRIS listings, we have created a new feature that allows an automated request for your virtual tour uploads. After you have created your virtual tour, click on the marketing tab and check the box to have your virtual tour upload to your MRIS listing.



Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, November 17, 2011

You can use your phone to capture high-quality photos of your listings, and no one might ever even guess you snapped the photo from your phone too.

With the rise of “iPhoneography and “smartphonegraphy,” a range of add-ons have debuted that can turn your phone’s camera into a mini-professional camera. Several companies have recently released affordable smartphone attachments for phone photography, including extra lenses that allow you to zoom or capture wide-angle photos.

“With a smartphone and some easy-to-use lenses, you don’t need to know anything about photography or lighting to take great pictures. It’s become extremely accessible,” Jen Giese, store manager with Photojojo, which sells smartphone camera attachments, told The New York Times.

Here are a few recently featured photography phone attachments in a recent New York Times article:

  • Photojojo: Smartphone camera attachments available from several manufacturers, such as a kit of three lenses (which includes a fisheyes lens to use for wide-angle images, a macro lens for close-up photos, and a telephoto lens to capture items fromfar away). The lenses can also be bought individually for $20 to $25 each.
  • Olloclip: A three-in-one attachment for $70 that clips onto the iPhone 4 and 4S. Lens options include a fisheye, a wide-angle lens, and a macro lens.
  • Pixeet: A 360-degree fisheye lens for $50 that works with practically any phone or tablet. Software can be downloaded for free from its web site to improve photos too.
  • Studio Neat’s Glif: iPhone 4 tripod, which is a small rubber mount that can be used to balance an iPhone at different angles on flat surfaces.

Source: “Say, Can You Make Phone Calls on That Camera?” The New York Times (Nov. 16, 2011)

You now have the ability to edit or remove the “My Listings” link which can be found on your Branded Virtual Tour. 

You can see in the image to the left we changed the name of  “My Listings” to “Other Sample Listings





In order to make this change, log into your account, click on My Account and under Options you will find the Enable My Listings Link.

If you would like the link to not appear under your Branded Virtual Tour, select No and Save changes.

If you would like the change the Text, simply remove My Listings in the Text for link box, type in what you would like and Save Changes.

To create your Free Virtual Tour Trial go to Today!

First Home Tour Support Team

Attention Realtors! We have photographers in your area available shoot your high definition virtual tours. If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture your listing, visit today to find a photographer in your area. If there isn’t a photographer in your area, just let us know your favorite real estate photographer and we will be happy to contact them with additional information.

Take a look at this Sample Tour by Photographer Adrienne Kutner of Virtual View San Diego.


Go to today to find your real estate photographer!



Are you a real estate photographer and looking to build your virtual tour photography business?  First Home Tour has now added a photographer search section. Users now have the ability to search for photographers in their area who specialize in creating real estate virtual tours.  Users can search by zip code (search reasults will show photographers in a 100 mile radius) or by photographer name.

Once you sign up, don’t forget you can customize your business listing on First Home Tour by setting your sample tours. For more information on how to set your sample tours, email First Home Tour.

If you are not currently a photographer with, SIGN UP TODAY!

Since the launch of Google+ in June there has been a lot of media coverage regarding the new social networking site.  Will Google+ have the numbers to take over Facebook?  Jury is still out here at First Home Tour.  We setup our accounts today and let me tell you what a breeze it is.  Two thumbs up for Google for building an intuitive social networking website. I never even clicked on the invitation in my inbox, I just pulled up Google+ and since I already have a Google account, my login information was already there, I clicked a couple of buttons and voila my account was created.  Then after quickly adding content to my profile, it was time to setup my circles.  With Google already having my contacts from Gmail, it automatically pulled my contacts allowing me to sort my contacts into their appropriate circles.

We will defintitely continue to use this new website to see where it goes.  We are a huge fan of Google products so we will Google+ away!

If you would like to setup a Google+ account, just contact First Home Tour Support we will send you an invitation to join!


QR Codes which stand for Quick Response code are now becoming a common method of quickly accessing data online. Since smartphones can read QR Codes, and so many more people are switching over to smart phones why not make accessing your real estate listing information easy for them?

First Home Tour QR CodeFirst Home Tour has just made this possible for their users. Now you will automatically see QR Codes published on your printable flyers.  If you are creating your custom flyers no problem, we can accommodate that as well. To add a QR Code to your custom flyer, just edit your tour – click on the finish tour page – you will see the QR Codes, just right click on the code and save it to your computer.  It will save as an image, when you are ready to use it, just add the QR Code image that you saved to your computer and insert it into your flyer.
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This is an interesting blog post articulating important factors when trying to sell a home.  Very well put and defined post. With regards to promotion, don’t leave behind creating your virtual tour of a home. This is a fun and easy eye catching way to promote the home on the web. Go to today to start your free trial and begin creating Virtual Tours for all your home listings.

Via Karen Kruschka – Prince William, Fairfax ,Stafford County VA Real Estate Service (RE/MAX Olympic Realty):

Although they can be stated in different ways there are only six factors that affect the sale of a home.

It is important for you, as the seller, to understand who or what has control over them and how they impact on each other.

  • You control 3 of the 6
  • The Market controls 2 of the 6
  • Your REALTOR® controls 1 of the 6

YOU Control
1. Price – You determine list price for your home. However, a list price above the market for homes similar to yours will impact negatively on buyer interest in making an offer. Your REALTOR® will review price history with you to assist you in making a list price determination.

2. Terms – Buyers have requirements just as sellers do. Your willingness to respect them and be willing to negotiate which terms will be acceptable to both parties can have a very positive impact. Price and Terms will usually be negotiated at the same time.

3. Condition – How well you have maintained the home will influence both your price and length of time to sell. The pool of buyers who are willing to make major repairs is much smaller than the pool of buyers who want a home that has been well maintained.

4. Timing – Economic conditions operate independently of price, terms and property condition. Similarly, seasons and weather factors can affect the time it takes to sell a home.

5. Competition – The number of homes on the market most certainly bears heavily on your ability to sell your home on a timely basis.

6. Promotion – From entry into the Multiple Listing System, to internet marketing and any other programs your agent will have an impact on your home sale.

No one of the six factors alone controls the timely sale of your home. Your agent should provide you with

  • Feedback from prospects who have visited your home
  • Changes in market conditions

Your willingness or ability to make adjustments in price, terms or condition based on the information provided will be the final determinant as to how quickly your home will sell.


My Team has 35 years experience in Woodbridge, Dumfries, Manassas, Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket Prince William County

”Experience Isn’t Expensive – It’s PRICELESS”

If you plan to buy or sell a Woodbridge or other Prince William County home or property contact Karen and Art by Email or call us at 703-690-6569. Put our record of customer service, real estate experience and state-of-the-art technology to work for you in Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Stafford County or the entire Northern Virginia Area.

Karen Kruschka Business Card

Prince William County

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Karen Kruschka’s Web Site

Popular Prince William County subdivisions to consider are Eagles Pointe, Wellington, River Falls, Saratoga Hunt, Winding Creek, Lake Ridge, Westridge, Old Bridge Estates, Brittany, Montclair, Ashland, Port Potomac, Potomac Club, Rollingwood Village, Lake Terrapin, Lake Side and Meadowbrook Woods


One of the most common questions we get asked here at is “how do I download my virtual tour”?  First off let me say that this download is free of charge, First Home Tour does not bill you for any tour downloads.  This means that you can always get the images back that you have uploaded to create your virtual tour.  Many clients have contacted us because they deleted the images on their computer and they need the images back. First Home Tour can help you get those images restored, even the High Definition (HD) images if that is what you used when you created the tour.

Let’s go over the steps to download your virtual tour.  You’re going to begin by logging into your First Home Tour account.  Once logged in you are going to find the tour you would like to download.

-           In the Action List drop down box you are going to select Download Virtual Tour for the virtual tour being downloaded.

-          Select Branded or Non Branded and click Download Your Tour

-          Select Save File

-          Select Run

-          Select Unzip (the files will be unzipped to c:\FirstHomeTour\Virtual_Tour_tour #)

Once the files are unzipped your tour will begin playing and you have successfully downloaded your virtual tour.

Your next step may be to create a CD of your virtual tour.  When you open your CD burning software you are going to browse to the location of your virtual tour files. The location of these files will be c:\FirstHomeTour\Virtual_Tour_tour #.  You will need to select all the files in this directory in order for the CD to playback properly.  Once you have selected all the necessary files you will burn your CD. When your CD is finished, your virtual tour will automatically begin playing once the CD is put into a computer.

Need more help? Contact

You will now find your virtual tours on listings! In order to optimally use Zillow make sure that you have created your free account and claim your listings. If you haven’t setup  your Zillow account yet, just go to, and select Register, making sure to indicate you are a Real Estate Pro.  Once you have setup your account you can continue setting up your agent profile.

Recently Zillow added a Ratings and Reviews section, we would definitely recommend you have your clients fill out their reviews and testimonials as many potential clients will read these.  Once your Zillow account is setup you can search for your listing, if your listing already exists select the Edit link on the listing and then select Claim Listing. This will add the listing into your agent profile indicating you are the listing agent when viewers look at the listing. If your listing does not exist yet on Zillow, it should shortly our syndication feed takes 24-48 hours to be pulled into Zillow once your virtual tour is created. is committed to providing excellent customer service and keeping you on track with the latest features to enhance your real estate marketing capabilities. If you have a feature you would like us to develop please contact and we will do our best to make sure this can be added for you.