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You will now find your virtual tours on listings! In order to optimally use Zillow make sure that you have created your free account and claim your listings. If you haven’t setup  your Zillow account yet, just go to, and select Register, making sure to indicate you are a Real Estate Pro.  Once you have setup your account you can continue setting up your agent profile.

Recently Zillow added a Ratings and Reviews section, we would definitely recommend you have your clients fill out their reviews and testimonials as many potential clients will read these.  Once your Zillow account is setup you can search for your listing, if your listing already exists select the Edit link on the listing and then select Claim Listing. This will add the listing into your agent profile indicating you are the listing agent when viewers look at the listing. If your listing does not exist yet on Zillow, it should shortly our syndication feed takes 24-48 hours to be pulled into Zillow once your virtual tour is created. is committed to providing excellent customer service and keeping you on track with the latest features to enhance your real estate marketing capabilities. If you have a feature you would like us to develop please contact and we will do our best to make sure this can be added for you.

Sample virtual tours created by our real estate agentsHighlight your virtual tours with no extra work! is now featuring the 3 most recent virtual tours created by our real estate agents on our home page! Just create your virtual tours (with at least 3 pictures) like you always have and check our homepage for your listing instantly!

James Goodale the president of was invited by the San Diego Association of Realtors to be interviewed by George Chamberlin on KOGO’s AM600 Real Estate Radio show on Sunday! 


The Real Estate Today show can be heard every Sunday monday at 9:00am on San Diego’s KOGO AM600 channel.  The show covers many facets of the Real Estate Industry in San Diego County and throughout the country. 

Thank you SDAR, George and Erik for having us, a great time was had by all!

To learn more about creating virtual tours or becoming a member of FirstHomeTour go to and start your free trial today!  Don’t forget to enter the promo code “AM600” for our SDAR special pricing - 3 Months for the Price of 1!

To hear the interview between George, James and the current SDAR President – Erik Weichelt click on the play button below.

[pro-player type="MP3"][/pro-player]



I have had the pleasure of getting to know one of our real estate photographers – Adalinda Gonzalez (Addy) who happens to live over 2,000 miles from us over the last year and a half!  It was a wonderful surprise when Addy emailed me a couple of months ago and extended an invitation to attend her daughters concert up in LA where she would be visting her.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend but I thought it was so neat that I would write a little bit about it. 

Here is a little bit about Addy’s daughter (Adrianne) and her band the Rescues:

The Rescues

 The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. No band in recent history illustrates that notion better than The Rescues. Comprised of four successful and critically acclaimed solo singer-songwriters in their own right – Adrianne Gonzalez, Kyler England, Gabriel Mann, and Rob Giles – The Rescues have more than 15 albums, dozens of songwriting awards, and thousands of miles on the road between them.

Friends and occasional touring partners, The Rescues formed when a former Atlantic Records executive (a fan of their solo projects) asked them join as a group to perform a concert at his wedding in the Hollywood Hills. The chemistry was instantaneous, both between them and with the audience, and a band was born. The ensuing 18 months have been a whirlwind. The band has done two sold-out tours, played Mountain Stage for broadcast on NPR, staged a string of sold-out concerts in Los Angeles including a residency at Hotel Café, been featured regularly on Grey’s Anatomy and Army wives among other hit TV shows, had songs in films including “The Lucky Ones” and “Superhero Movie,” been Spotlighted on Myspace’s Music Page, released their debut record “Crazy Ever After”, and charted on FMQB’s AAA Public Breakout Chart.

Their press has been delirious. They’ve been called “The First Indie Supergroup,” “A cross between Crosby, Stills and Nash and Concrete Blonde,” and “On a level above everything else on the L.A. Music Scene” (The Reader). They’ve been described as “Pure musical Bliss” and delivering “Poignant, powerhouse songwriting” ( LA Weekly says, “It’s hard to believe they’ve only been playing together for about a year. Their voices take flight on the soaring opener, “Lost Along the Way,” and rarely land again.” And Music Connection said: “Historic. A new band composed of four of L.A.’s finest singer-songwriters. It was as if these four had been born for this moment, such was the chemistry emanating from the stage. The Rescues have everything they need to become the leaders in a musical revolution.”

The Rescues began writing and recording their sophomore album “Let Loose The Horses” during their hugely successful January residency at the Hotel Cafe. The record is set to be released in July 2009.

adrianne-addy-sara-barailles1 AdrianneAddy – Sara Barailles

 The Rescues and Sara Ramirez The Rescues and Sara Ramirez

 The Rescues and Sara Bareilles  The Rescues and Sara Bareilles

If you live in Fairfax County, VA and looking for an experience photographer to create a custom virtual tour of your home, give Addy a call.  She can be reached at 703-635-5106 or emailed at To view an example of a virtual tour Addy has created view the following link: or visit her website:


The whole is

Tired of having long urls’s for your virtual tours? Check out our new shorter and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly url for your virtual tours. Some URL examples are below:

Branded Virtual Tour:

Branded virtual tours follow the format of “” followed by your virtual tour number, in the above example 497. The last part of the URL can be anything that you want as demonstrated below:

Custom Branded Virtual Tour virtual tours

Non-Branded Virtual Tours (IDX Compliant):

This format is very simple, its our domain name followed by a slash and your virtual tour number.

Using these shorter virtual tour urls will make it easier for your users to remember and for search engines to index the content.

The Support Team!

Your virtual tours can now be converted to videos!   The videos will be added to the video channel on YouTube, the video tab of your virtual tour and will be syndicated out to sites like Google & AOL!  Intersted in finding out what your converted video will look like?  View our video samples here:

It is important to note that when you send the video conversion request to any tours who have High Definition images uploaded will automatically have High Definition YouTube videos created (below).  If you’ve uploaded standard images for your virtual tour, a High Quality YouTube video will be created (right). will automatically use the virtual tour title and description found in your virtual tour for your YouTube videos.  The map location in YouTube will show the Geo-Coding used in your virtual tour as well. If you would like your contact information to be a part of the video description – don’t forget to put that into video description section!

Requesting a video conversion is as easy as logging into your account, selecting Manage Multimedia in the dropdown list next to the virtual tour you would like converted and filling out your customized video settings.  

synthprogressMicrosoft has released a free technology called Photosynth that takes a series of photos and “automagically” stitches them into one interactive 3D experience that you can embed in your virtual tour with Creating a photosynth is as easy as taking the pictures and choosing what photos you want synthd! I have read that people don’t like how long it takes to create a synth.   However, I have found when you click the start synth button the reality is you are done after you click the button… pretty simple and quick (and free!).

In order to get a good synthy turnout make sure to overlap your pictures. We used a tripod in the examples below and took about 5 minutes to take all of the pictures. The end result is a cool product that doesn’t take too much extra effort. Creating a synth isn’t for everyone but it does add a lot of fun factor to an otherwise boring experience. Subscribe to our feed on details of how to create a quality synth without taking hundreds of photos!

[iframe 500 300]
[iframe 500 300]

 alt=Interactive Floorplans – Got a floorplan? To use our floorplan feature upload the .jpg of a floorplan you have saved on your computer at no extra charge!  If you do not have a floorplan and would like to receive and estimate from our partner, click on the link under the floorplan tab.  Next you will be asked for the zip code and square footage of your property.  Don’t forget to enter the promo code “Floor” for $5 off your flooplan measure.  Once you have uploaded the flooplan you can click on Mappings to select and drop pictures onto your floorplan.  If the image is placed incorrectly, just select delete and the image will be removed from your floorplan. Floorplan Example

* Tip: Click on Options to name your floorplan (First Floor, Second Floor, etc.)
Yes, you can upload your videos to your virtual tour and we do not charge any additional fees to do so. We currently accept videos from YouTube, WellcomeMat, Yahoo, Google, Photosynth and Blip. Uploading a video can be a complimentary addition to your virtual tour – especially if you have a video of the listings surrounding area or of your brokerage. Video Example. Videos are also a great way to introduce yourself to your customers instantly!
Embed your videos at
Embed your videos at has increased their discount for new customers to 50% off on your first order when placed from! That means you can fill your customers flyer box with 100 2-sided full color flyers for $27.50 or 2-sided color laminated flyers for $47.00 and both include FREE UPS Next Day Air™.  Check out some products and samples below:

Just Listed Postcards
Just Listed Postcards
Real Estate Flyers
Real Estate Flyers offers many other services and the quality of their prints is unrivaled! Signup with today and enjoy your free virtual tours for 7 days!